White haired Old Kung-Fu Masters

Well NOW!
Old White Haired Gung fu Masters….
the Mystical Winter White Dragon Cloud Master Assassins Trio of Fiery Blood!

(characters copyright Avery Easter)


Aarzack and Lord Yupa fish

Arzack and Lord Yupa doing a little fishing.
Pencil Sketch of the day turned into an homage to Moebius and Miyazaki

MOJO JOJO sketch

Black Bolt screams over the top pencil sketch

somebody done gone and PISSED BLACK BOLT OFF!! take the chain off my boy. Me cutting loose on Black Bolt cutting loose… FUN! my pencil sketch of the day

Fist of the North Star Vs Arishok

Fist of the North Star Vs Arishok


Fist of the North Star Vs Arishok pt 2

Fist of the North Star Vs Arishok pt 2


Fist of the North Star Vs Arishok

quick art



Ok so Prince Valiant used a sword on stuff right.
Blood correct?

Vanth Dreadstar, Sci-Fi Fantasy Graphic Novel Character created by Jim Starlin

the Phantom

Dr. Fate


oddball group of old school golden age characters marvel comics has revived.

Agents of AtlasAgents of Atlas

left to right:

Namora, Venus, Shield agent Woo, the Urainian, Gorilla Man, and the robot M-11

Wonder Woman , Darwyn Cooke Style

Wonder Woman with Darwyn Cooke influence

I luv Darwyn Cooke’s version of Wonder Woman from “the Final Frontier”, the woman’s got some meat on her bones. This is my Quick pen and ink (and pencil) take on her.

Captian Marvel of Marvel comics

Pencil Sketch of Captain Mar-Vell of the Kree Empire

¬†found a minute to draw this one. One of my favorite old characters in his 1st appearance space suit, before the brutha went all Cosmic with the nega-bands and the negative zone and die an all. He’s probably one of 3 or 4 characters in DC and Marvel to have NEVER come back .. from the dead that is.

X-men's Polaris, pencil sketch

X-men's Polaris quick digital inks and color


Dwayne McDuffie recently died this year. Which was/is a blow to me on many levels.

the webste, Project Rooftop, in tribute, Set aside a week where it invited people to submit revised versions of the the character static.

Here’s mine.





my TenTon Comic Jam page 2010

it’s got issues but it was done really quickly

I’ve got more excuses for what it’s worth,

Click image for a larger view.

link to TenTon Forum ComicJam


Black widow with blood hair

My 1st sketch in the Manga Studio program. I like the feel of the brushes. Very cool.